We provide creative and relevant assemblies and are happy to follow your syllabus needs for collective worship or use our own material. 

Primary School  

- Assemblies can link to seasonal activities, school themes or programmes of study. 

- Assembly themes have included Bible Heroes, Prayer, God's Love, Facing Change, Friendship, Family, Forgiveness and Bullying. 

 Secondary School  

- Assemblies can be linked to programmes of study or school themes. 

- Assembly themes have included: Who was Jesus? Why bother with the Bible? Prayer, Making Decisions, Addiction, Forgiveness, Peer Pressure and Image 


We offer a broad range of lessons for all Key Stages.  These include:

Primary School

- 'Follow-up" lessons linking to and assembly

- Bible Explorer: A fun, interactive and inclusive way to learn the storyline of the Bible.  This educational programme for Key Stage 2 includes history, geography, literacy skills, story telling,   re-enactments, artefacts, drama, worksheets, action and signs, keywords, powerpoint and video

- Lessons that link with the Primary School Re and PSHE/Citizenship Programmes of study e.g. What is the Bible? WHy is Easter Important to Christians? How do the beliefs of Christians influence their actions? Bullying and Friendship.

Secondary School

- 'Follow-up' lessons linking to an assembly

- Lessons that link with Secondary school RE and PSHE/Citizenship programmes of study have included: What is Christianity/ What is the Bible/ Christian Experience, New Start, Christian Morality and Ethics, Bullying, Self Image and Addiction.